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Tips for Using a Shampoo Bar

Cassie Carter - Friday, June 25, 2010
Shampoo Bars aren't nearly as scary as they sound and are a wonderful solution for 100% Natural hair care! It's totally possible to successfully go detergent free and not end up with dread locks. (Although, if you have dread locks, shampoo bars work great for that too!)

With a little bit of effort, you will find that your hair can be naturally healthy, strong, and shiny. Before long you will be using less product (gels, conditioners, etc) and have healthier hair!

Getting Started

Did you know that all shampoos leave a residue on your hair? Because of this, you are going to have to give a shampoo bar some time to lovingly and gently remove the yucky residue left over from your synthetic shampoo. You can aid this process with a couple of vinegar rinses, especially if you use a lot of product in your hair (such as hair spray, gels, etc.)

The Vinegar Rinse

Once you get the vinegar rinse right, you find that you have totally spoiled yourself! When you are just getting started with shampoo bars and need to rid yourself of those yucky synthetic residues, we recommend using a 1:1 ratio of Apple Cider Vinegar and Water in a squirt bottle in the shower. After you shampoo, squirt this all through your hair and scalp. (You may or may not use the entire bottle, depending on how much hair you have.) Then rinse it off. Don't worry, once your hair is dry you won't smell the vinegar.

With each consecutive shower day, add a little more water to the bottle, lowering the ratio of vinegar to water.


Yes! Like crazy! Lots of foam! In fact, you really don't need to use much. Just a few quick passes over your head with our shampoo bar and you'll have all you need.

Which Shampoo Bar is right for me?
Based on customer feedback, it seems like the Tea Tree Shampoo Bar works great for those with coarse or curly hair or scalp issues. Our Nettle Shampoo Bar seems to work good for those with straight hair, thick hair, oily hair, regular hair, and especially brunettes looking to naturally enhance their hair color.

How do I use Shampoo Bars?
Cheeky Maiden Shampoo Bars now come in a cube shape. Regular bar shaped soaps tend to break in half and melt faster in the shower. A shampoo cube will last longer and is also easier to hold on to.

Some folks like to work up a lather in their hands and then work it through their scalp and hair. Others like to just rub the shampoo bar directly onto the scalp.

Shampoo Bars are completely customizable. How you end up using it, how often, and what sort of rinse you do (or don't do) completely depends on your water (hard v soft), your hair, what other sorts of products you use, and your shower habits.

What's the difference between Shampoo Bars and Commercial Liquid Shampoo?
First of all, Cheeky Maiden Shampoo Bars are 100% Natural. Most commercial liquid shampoos contain synthetic detergents and all sorts of chemicals that function to make it pearly, get rid of the chemical scent, balance the pH of the liquid, etc.

Shampoo Bars are just soap that is formulated for use on the hair. We make them using the same method as our 100% Natural body soap.

You hair is going to respond differently to a shampoo bar than commercial detergent shampoo. You may find that you don't have to wash as often. You will definitely need a lot less conditioner! You also won't have to switch brands. Shampoo Bar is here to stay!

What Conditioner to you recommend?
We recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar as a conditioner. And entire gallon costs less than $5 and will last you for a year or longer. We've tried it on all sorts of different hair and it just depends on you and how you like to do it.

Some natural hair fanatics do an in-shower rinse. How much ACV to water you use is completely up to your personal preference. You can wash it out or leave it in. Personally, I like to do a spray of it after my shower and before I towel dry my hair. I have thick hair with a normal scalp. I keep a spray bottle of 1:1 ratio ACV to water in my bathroom. After I shower, I spray my hair down good with that and then wrap it up in a towel. By the time I'm dressed and ready to dry (or not) my hair, I have really super soft hair and tangles that are easily combed through. This prevents any sort of product buildup in case I want to get fancy and use hair spray.

Find your Hair Mojo
Once you figure out what works for you, you've found your Hair Mojo! And shampoo bar users everywhere will tell you that it is totally worth the effort. Shampoo bars should be used for a couple of weeks before you decide if it's working for you. Your hair and scalp are going to have to adjust to not being harshly treated.

Getting Shampoo Bars right involves:
  • Choosing the right shampoo bar
  • Washing intervals
  • Vinegar Rinse (or not!)
Please contact the Maiden with any questions! We can help you work out a hair care regimen that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Happy Lathering!

The Cheeky Maiden
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