About the Maiden

Hi!  I am Cassie Carter and my family and I are excited about the opportunity to serve and get to know each of you better.  To let you know a little bit about myself, I grew up on a working cattle ranch in northeastern Oklahoma.  We had goats, chickens, pigs, a huge vegetable garden and of course cattle.  I have always had a passion for "home-grown", especially when I was the one growing it.  Working on the ranch took a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but the rewards were plentiful.  Supplying friends and family with good healthy food for their families was well worth all the struggles and hardships.  I feel that the lessons learned on the ranch go hand in hand with soap making.  Hard work and dedication are a must when creating something beautiful to share with others.  



 Here I am with my parents and ag teacher and our favorite show heifer, Geneva Rose!


I moved to Atlanta in 2008, where I met my husband, Nicholas.  We were married in 2011 and 2 years later started a family when our baby girl, Shiloh was born.  

This is my husband, Nicholas and me with Shiloh.

Learning how to make soap has been a very rewarding experience.  Pulling the first batch of soap out of the mold was a little nerve racking.  With Shiloh on my back, my heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty.  The soap came out beautiful!  What a feeling of accomplishment I felt when we sliced those first bars of soap. 



 Shiloh and I mixing up our first batch of soap! 

We hope you find our creations not only beautiful, but healing and regenerative to your skin as well.  Thoughtfulness and attention to detail are part of every element of design; from fairly traded completely natural ingredients to packaging and presentation.  We are an organic eating, home birthing, homeschooling family who enjoy the beauty and value of all things handmade.  

The beliefs, principles and passion with which Cheeky Maiden was founded upon will not change.  We will continue to create hand made products that are safe for the entire family to use.  You have come to expect great things from your Cheeky Maiden and our desire is to exceed those expectations going forward.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.  We are always looking to grow and improve and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have.  Please feel free to email me at cassie@cheekymaidensoap.com.  We look forward to working with you!
Your Cheeky Maiden,
Cassie Carter