Testimonials and Reviews

We love hearing from our customers! We are a family that is committed to providing natural alternatives to chemical laden body care items and love to know that our products are helping you become healthier. Here are a few comments we have recieved:

Thank you for the Dental Soap I received a few weeks ago. It’s waaayyy more palatable than Tooth Soap and doesn’t burn and I love that it’s made with Xylitol. Thanks again!


"Thanks again for such wonderful soaps!  I look forward to using mine up just so I can unwrap another bar!  And my bathroom where I have them all stored smells wonderful! Take care."- Jennifer, GA



I just wanted to tell u that I love your soaps! I tried it because my mom's boss gave her a sample and i think its great! I have VERY sensitive skin and i haven't been having to scratch my overly itchy skin since i started using your soaps!


"WOW!  Talk about speedy delivery!  I got our order in today.  Smells divine! "-Monica, MA


"hi!  i was a lucky recipient of a gift basket of 6 soaps from your company.  i love it.  i wonder if you sell from stores as well?  we are going to be opening up an organic market here in my brooklyn neighborhood sometime this winter or spring... i think your soap is beautiful and i am interested to sell them in our store." -Rachel, NY


Just wanted you to know I got the soap yesterday and love it! The Shea butter is especially nice for my eczema ridden hands.  Can I buy it in little tins for my purse? -Audrey, TX


Just wanted to let you know that we are *loving* everything we ordered. I love love love the spearmint/rosemary Pitty Party, and both the dental soap and shampoo bar have changed our lives forever. I enjoyed getting to meet you! Consider us lifelong, loyal customers, as of last Thursday. : ) 
-Ashley, AL


"thanks so much:) the order turned out beautiful -- i can't get over the aroma from the soaps--i don't want to use them because they smell so good!

This quote was featured in a blog:

"Our families LOVE Missi's soaps! I haven't tried them all, but some of my favorites are:

The Foot Scrubbie:  wow!  it is a combo of spearmint and lavender and pumice and it not only does a great job of smoothing feet, your bathroom smells heavenly after!
The Zoe bar:  for a bath soap, this has become my favorite.  It has patchouli and sweet orange essential oils and I even have people tell me how good I smell hours after just taking a shower with it.  I'm a big patchouli fan however.
The Complexion Bar:  tea tree oil, chamomile, lemon grass and just a hint of shea butter.  I love to use this before heading to bed at night.  My other daughter Kayla declares it keeps her skin blemish free.
Just got in a "Frank and Murray's man soap for my hubby--but he's been using my Zoe until I get it unwrapped and in the shower.  
I've used others but those are my personal favorites.  Kayla orders the "Monkey Farts" soap for Olivia.  It's shaped like a little monkey face and is scented with coconut and banana.  Olivia also likes her all natural bath bombs.  

Whenever a new box of soaps arrive, the box smells heavenly!  I often wonder if the mailman isn't wondering just what's in there, LOL... I just order a bunch at one time to use for the next several months.  She has great gift baskets too that make wonderful birthday presents, Mother's Day gifts, etc.  She has some new seasonal soaps out right now for the holidays that sound tempting too.  Hmmmm....." Brenda, GA