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Bath Bomb for Kids Pink Pig Lavender 2 oz.

Bath Bomb for Kids Pink Pig Lavender 2 oz.


Every mom knows that the perfect remedy for a grumpy kid is some time in the tub.

Kid Bombs are made especially for children. Simply drop one into the tub and instantly experience a happy child! Lavender Essential Oil is great for calming anxiousness before bed or scaring away monsters. 

  • Olive oil for moisturizing

  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil

100% Natural Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Citric Acid, Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Mica Powder.

AS ALWAYS: 100% Natural Ingredients

*As our products are handmade and completely natural, inconsistency in color should be expected. They will always smell the same though! 

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