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My husband is not one for “girly” soaps, as he puts it, but he loves your product. He has severe eczema and works outside quite frequently in construction, which leaves his skin even drier during the winter months. We recently purchased your lavender & oatmeal soap at the Blue Ridge Arts in the Park festival and it has done wonders for his skin. He now swears by it and the results are incredible. Mr. “Macho Man” loves his lavender & oatmeal soap and won’t use any other kind of soap. Thanks.
— Nichole P.
I purchased the dog soap at the Yellow Daisy Festival. I love your soap for me but I was skeptical that it would work on my large golden retrievers. Holy smokes! This stuff is incredible! I gave them both a huge scrub down after the rain and mud and they look/smell great. Plus, it rinsed away nicely and didn’t leave me and them smelling weird like the other stuff I’ve used in the past. It hardly even looks like I’ve used the bar so I’m sure it will last a while. Just wanted to let y’all know that this stuff is amazing!!!
— K. Coletti
When my delivery of Cheeky Maiden products arrived, there was a clean fresh aroma of luxurious essential oils that came from inside my package before I even opened it! I have to say my very favorite products are the laundry soap, the household cleaning products, the detox soap, and the complexion soap. I even shared a few bars with my sister and she tried to sneak a couple more when I wasn’t looking. We just can’t get enough of this stuff!
— Beth S.
I am only 13 and my mom got some natural soap from you guys. I ask her all the time if I can use her soap and I love it when she lets me pick which one I can have. My favorite is the Bamboo Charcoal Soap, the Coffee Soap, and the complexion soap. Oh, and I like the Shampoo bar and the dental soap too. They all smell good and are the best!
— Elijah W.