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Dental Soap: Mint

Dental Soap: Mint


Dental Soap is soap specifically made for use on the teeth.


Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil


  • Dental Soap cleanses the teeth without leaving a film that prevents re-enamelization. Enamel is important in cavity prevention. Commercial tooth pastes, even natural brands, leave a greasy film on the teeth.

  • No fluoride is added to dental soap!

  • Your mouth will feel clean and refreshed and some have found dental soap to be naturally whitening to their teeth.

  • Dental Soap is very economical! A $5.99 bar will last for months and months. Others are charging $19 and upwards for the same item!


Brushing Teeth


  • There are many methods to using dental soap. We recommend keeping the bar on your sink in it's own soap dish and rinsing with water before each use. Just scrub your tooth brush over the bar and clean your teeth! (Also consider keeping the lid down on the toilet seat to avoid "spray"- something you should be doing anyway!)

  • Some prefer to shred their soap prior to using it and storing it in a dry container. You may then place one shred on a back tooth, bite down, then brush.

  • To make your natural soap last longer, store it on a well draining soap dish away from excess moisture and humidity.


Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, and Palm, Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil

AS ALWAYS: 100% Natural Ingredients
*As our products are handmade and completely natural, inconsistency in color should be expected. They will always smell the same though! 

"...the toothpaste is wonderful as well--my teeth don't feel sensitive and it feels very natural and i think even more clean than when i use the store brand..." (Kelsey, TX)

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